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Lumanagi is an automated market maker (AMM), a sort of exchange that allows anyone to pool assets and participate in shared market making methods. It now acts as crucial infrastructure for decentralized finance, enabling developers, traders, and liquidity providers to engage in a safe and reliable financial market.

The most significant reason to choose Lumanagi is customer-centric. Our main goal is not to repeat what other industry giants have done, but to make the process and platform as simple as possible so that enthusiasts who have been unable to participate in the crypto sector due to too many constraints can do so without difficulty.

Its main mission is to allow secure, and cheap swapping among its community. Thus, we will follow these factors to make the process easy:

  • No entry limits (how easy to start using the platform)
  • Technology focus (how many fintech functions are available)
  • Economic system focus (economic fundamentals respected)
  • Community focus (trading volume on the platform)
  • Trustworthiness (audited etc.)
power of Blockchain

Tokenization Benefits

We are working towards a platform that will be community focused and multiple pools will be available for LMNG Token. Not only that, but the token holders will be able to use their voting rights to manage the system by creating a DEX (Decentralized/Distributed Exchange). Create a multi-layered decision-supporting mechanism in which token holders can encourage ideas and then vote on the most intriguing ones. This would allow individuals to genuinely participate in the platform’s power and contribute to its evolution. To distribute the tokens as evenly as feasible, we must increase awareness of our swap platform and attract as many participants as possible.

  • Bridge
  • Governance
  • Private/Public Sale
  • Airdrop
An Evolving Swap Platform

For All The Crypto Enthusiast

The main aim is to give users the most comfortable and amazing experience and even those who are beginners can benefit and enjoy their journey.

  • Fast network for maximum transaction speed, security, and scalability.
  • Both functionality and usability are important to us.
  • Capital and gas efficient
  • Battle tested and secure
  • Intelligent pricing
ensure a safe

DEX Crypto Swap Platform

Lumanagi has built the most powerful and fastest decentralized (DEX) crypto swap platform. The focus is on building token’s bridge (besides the main ones) and simplifying the wallet creation process and the usage of the platform as much as possible.

  • Fast withdrawal

There is no wait time to withdraw you own funds

  • Lighting Fast

The execution of trades are done & confirmed instantly

  • Low fee

Comparatively low fee on your transactions


Our Features

Our main focus is on the crypto adoption of the Eastern-European region, with its unique bridges and make swap easy and convenient for the community.


Swap among tokens on the super fast network at the lowest fees


Simple moving of digital assets from one blockchain to another


The exchange’s token holders can practice their voting rights to govern its system.


Lumanagi supports the Eastern European community and is currently available in English and Hungarian. More will come soon.


Revolutionizing the DeFi space

We are building features that are going to benefit the community!

Auto- investing in DeFi

Auto-Invest lets you automate your cryptocurrency investments and earn passive income.

NFT DeFi game

This will offer the community NFT and play-game features. You can earn tokens & NFTs by playing

NFT Trading platform

It will be a DeFi leveraged trading platform where the community can trade NFTs.

ICO market

Introducing the ICO Marketplace

Blockchain-powered marketplace which connects buyer and Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing.

Let’s help people together!

Lumanagi will assist the underprivileged and donate a significant portion of its proceeds to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in need of assistance.

You can even participate in the public token sale and own an LMNG Token to be a part of the cause. The more members own the LMNG Token, the more we will be able to donate and expand our help.

Without the initiative and support of the community, we can’t expand this cause, so be a part of the community and participate in the LMNG token sale to give your support to the cause.

If you wish to contribute to the cause in another way, then please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you!



The token plan is ready and considers a particular mechanism. LMNG has a maximum supply of 400,000,000

These allocations are made in order to ensure Lumanagi’s long-term growth and development.

Private  Sale
Coming Soon
Allocated token


Public Sale
Coming Soon
Allocated token


Join Our
Pre-Sale List
Pre-Sale Start SOON
  • Token Symbol LMNG
  • Token Sale Start Date Coming Soon
  • Token Sale End Date Coming Soon
  • Tokens for sale 60,000,000
  • Token Price $0.19 USD
  • Specifications LMNG Token
  • Max circulating supply 400,000,000
  • Sale duration 10 days

Lumanagi even creates gold supply with the LMNG token sale, and that securely gets stored in the physical bank and works as a reserve for the project. This means that users will never have to deal with the liquidity issue because we have already planned for it. Lumanagi will continue to invest in gold in the future in order to develop a reserve for new DeFi and gamefi ventures.

Token Allocation


Read Our Documents

To get the complete understanding and details about the Lumanagi and LMNG tokens, please click the option as per your requirement!


Road Map

Our team is working hard to make our plans happen on time.

2022 Q2
  • Growing the community (Telegram, Discord, Twitter)
  • LMNG Token Smart Contract on BSC
  • Hiring new team members (Marketing, development)
  • Website launch in English/Hungarian
  • Private sale
2022 Q3
  • LMNG Token IDO
  • Listing on major exchange
  • Starting of DEX development
  • Lottery – DEX
  • NFT Auction house
  • Analytics
  • Prediction Games – BNB,Matic
  • Token Investment Portfolio
  • Trading competitions
  • New website development
  • Hiring new team members (Development, Defi)
  • Growing community (Twitter, LinkedIn)
2022 Q4
  • Start Bridge Development Avax -BSC, Avax – SOL
  • Launch LMNG on Avax
  • Launch LMNG on Solana
  • Voting platform
  • Office set up in Hungary for team
  • Listing on one major Exchange
  • DEX release
2023 Q1
  • Launchpad starts of Development
  • Deposit/Lending feature
  • Charitable raffles
  • Launch LMNG on Polygon
  • Bridge building between Sol-Polygon
  • Listing on one major CEX


Our team comes from all around the world and reflects various cultures, resulting in a dynamic and welcoming workplace. To provide the finest solutions for our clients and communities, we assist other team members to become the best versions of themselves.

Gábor Szőke

“Get to know and love the crypto world!”

Máté Szőke
Social Media Manager

“My goal is to introduce the Lumanagi token to social media!”


Zsolt Domorád
Social Media Consultant

“Block chain technology is changing the world. Be part of the development.”

Edvard Bene
Business Development

“Only the mind of technology gives birth to boundaries.”

Dániel Balázs
Creative Advisor

“The good thing about creativity is that you can use it for anything, you just have to be creative with it.”


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Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Lumanagi is a user-centric platform that helps every member of the community to understand the swapping easily and perform the same hassle-free

Yes, Lumanagi has LMNG which is a governance token and the community can get their own by participating in the public sale.

Yes, the platform is designed in such a manner that it is user-friendly for both beginners and professionals.

Flash loan attacks do not affect the Lumanagi token. Beyond the contracts, ownership cannot be shared.

Click the "Connect Wallet" button on the homepage. Then, in the modal, choose the wallet you want to link to Lumanagi. After you've verified the connection, your wallet will be linked.

Official airdrops are announced on our social media platforms. So stay active and connected to us to know the latest update regarding Airdrop.


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